How It All Began 

In February of 2015 my uncle slipped, fell and hit his head. A resident of a town outside of Accra, Ghana, he was rushed to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion. Two days later, he was discharged from the hospital with a prescription to “take it easy”. It was three days later that my family received a phone call: my uncle was found in his home and had passed away. We were devastated and could not comprehend how it was possible to go from such a good prognosis to such tragedy. “How could the hospital not see what was going on?” Distraught, I began researching the medical system and patient care in Ghana. My heart broke when I discovered a lack of medical supplies, staff and quality training meant patients like my uncle were not receiving the care they deserved. The problem was compounded in rural areas. It was then that I knew I wanted make a difference for those patients and for the staff that cared for them. With the help of the Materials Manager and Director of Nursing at my hospital (and, of course, my family) NaNa’s Project was born.

Nana’s Project is now heading into our second year and our momentum has brought us to a point where we are now a legal non-profit, possessing both Articles of Incorporations and our 501 C3. It took a lot of hard work, patience and generosity, but I am proud to say that NaNa’s Project is now on its way to help several hospitals in Ghana that are truly in need of assistance.

Mission Statement

The purpose of NaNa’s Project is to remove financial standing and geographic location as barriers to quality medical care by bringing supplies, education and training to underserved communities and healthcare facilities.


My name is Nana Konadu-Asare and I am the founder of NaNa’s Project. I was born in Accra, Ghana and at two years of age immigrated to the United States with my mother. I am currently a college student pursuing a career in medicine while simultaneously working full time in the Emergency Department as an Emergency Medical Technician.

For as long as I can remember I have placed great value on giving back to the community. Beginning at a very young age I have volunteered at local recreational centers, participated in food drives, and participated in anything else I could find with the goal of helping others who were less fortunate.

This sense of purpose and passion for helping others, along with the support of my family, coworkers and the strength I derive from my belief in God, provided the foundation for NaNa’s Project. This organization means the world to me. My hope is that it will inspire others to evaluate the world around them and find meaningful ways to bring about positive change in their own communities and abroad.


Giving back to others who do not have the same resources or opportunities as you can be a life changing experience.  So here at NaNa's Project, we believe that kindness is a gift that is free, abundant and keeps on giving.